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The Key Point Dialog is an adaptation of the dialog technique developed by physicist David Bohm:

"Dialogue is about what we value and how we define it. It is about discovering what our true values are, about looking beyond the superficial and automatic answers to our questions. Dialogue is about expanding our capacity for attention, awareness and learning with and from each other. It is about exploring the frontiers of what it means to be human, in relationship to each other and our world." --Glenna Gerard, 1995.

"Dialogue is a foundational communication process leading directly to personal and organizational transformation. It assists in creating environments of high trust and openness, with reflective and generative capacities. One might think of dialogue as a revolutionary approach in the development of the following organizational disciplines: continuous learning, diversity, conflict exploration, decision making and problem solving, leadership, self-managing teams, organizational planning and alignment, and culture change."--Linda Ellinor , 1996 ".

Our adaptation begins as a physical dialog and continues on Internet, by using Wikipedia-like wiki and other relevant technology.

You may find out more about the Key Point Dialog by reading:

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