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Welcome to the information site for the Key Point Dialog Zagreb 2008 and the associated Sheng Zhen Qigong Workshop

The Key Point Dialog Zagreb 2008

As always, a purpose of this Key Point Dialog will be to come closer to the Key Point - the inspiring vision of a new cultural direction. This time we will begin our dialog by reflecting about a specific theme - Sheng Zhen Qigong. This will allow us to become aware both of an enormous opportunity that stands before us, and of the main obstacle that hinders us from pursuing that course. Sheng Zhen Qigong will be introduced by Master Li Jun Feng, the Headmaster of Sheng Zhen Qigong, and Li Jing, his daughter and appointed successor.

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Sheng Zhen Qigong Workshop Zagreb 2008

To be held June 8th and 9th in XY Hall
This June 7th and 8th, the inhabitants of Zagreb and other Croatians and international guests will have a rare opportunity. The venerable Master Li Jun Feng – who turns 70 in October (but looks 45!) -- will be teaching Sheng Zhen Wuji Yuan Gong in Los Angeles for the first time, accompanied by his daughter and master teacher Li Jing. The two-day workshop, will take place at the _______________________ Training Hall on Saturday and Sunday. An Introductory Event on Friday evening will precede the workshop..

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