Aurelio Peccei and the World Problematique

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Aurelio Peccei begins his book One Hundred Pages for the Future with the following warning:

"The human race is hurtling towards disaster. It is absolutely essential to find a way to change course."

And in The Human Quality, Peccei explained: "Let me recapitulate what seems to me the crucial question at this point of the human venture. Man has acquired such decisive power that his future depends essentially on how he will use it. However, the business of human life has become so complicated that he is culturally unprepared even to understand his new position clearly. As a consequence, his current predicament is not only worsening but, with the accelerated tempo of events, may become decidedly catastrophic in a not too distant future. The downward trend of human fortunes can be countered and reversed only by the advent of a new humanism essentially based on and aiming at man’s cultural development, that is, a substantial improvement in human quality throughout the world."

In his very last text, which he finished dictating to his secretary on March 13, 1983, only 12 hours before he died, Aurelio Peccei wrote: “Human development is the most important goal.”

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