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Metaphorically, the Key Point Dialog may be imagined as a collective climb to a mountain top, during which we raise above 'the information jungle', and above our common preoccupations and conventional ways of looking at things, in order to see the new direction we want to pursue, see How to Begin the Next Renaissance.

Our approach reminds of sculpting, where we build a three-dimensional structure out of a jungle of data, which supports and reflects the Key Point, by identifying, creating and combining useful ways of looking at things as building blocks. The basic operation in our dialog is to say "Look here!" and point at an essential insight which has been neglected or misunderstood, by providing a new angle of looking. We progress further 'up the mountain' by combining those insights together into common or high-level ones by using suitable metaphors, images, and other meaning-creation tools. We organize our selected ways of looking into four aspects, which may be imagined as looking at the Key Point from four sides. Our current choice, which may of course change in the course of the dialog, is to look at how our ideas about progress, reality, democracy and ourselves have changed, and how those changes when combined together compose a new way to understand our condition, and a new way of being in the world.

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