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The Key Point Dialog combines two complementary ways of working: in situ dialog which uses the dialog technique developed by David Bohm and others, and the Internet dialog which uses this Wiki.

This Internet dialog is in every respect similar to Wikipedia with a single but important distinction: While Wikipedia is a Web2.0-style re-creation of a traditional encyclopedia, the Key Point Dialog is conducted within information design. This practically means two things:

  • All information here is sharp and purpose-oriented. We avoid the information overload. We don't want to be encyclopedic. We make sure that important insights are not obscured by massive data.
  • In addition to pointed, factual information, which is focused on specific categories or issues, we include and encourage the media-rich, artistic and suggestive high-level contributions. Some contributors will provide key insights from their fields, such as healthcare, sustainability or quantum physics. Others, more artistically inclined, will create media material that can combine the low-level material and communicate the relevant high-level insights in ways which 'work' for distinct target audiences.
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