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The cultural revival may be seen from two sides.

One side of the cultural revival is that it is a strategy for solving the environmental and other 'global issues'. In One Hundred Pages for the Future, Aurelio Peccei wrote: "The human race is hurtling towards disaster. It is absolutely essential to find a way to change course. [...] The shock of discovering that we are on a collision course with disaster must [...] give us the determination to change our course. [...] The Club of Rome was formed to this end. [...] And we were already aware that the very ethical and philosophical foundations of society had to be reconsidered and reformulated, and that the attitudes of individuals and collectives, from the smallest group to the world community, also had to change to respond with the real world. The Club of Rome realized that only a cultural development of this kind could propel humankind towards a higher stage of civil progress." In another place Peccei states the necessity of cultural revival even more clearly: "The future will either be the inspired product of a great cultural revival, or there will be no future."

The other side of the cultural revival is that it is a uniquely positive and inspiring development. To get a glimpse, imagine the spirit of the Renaissance transposed into our own time. Imagine a new way of thinking, a new set of values, a redirection of interests, a reinvigoration of commerce, a revitalization of art, a rejuvenation of science, a liberation of creativity, a rebirth of enthusiasm…

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