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Here we provide theoretical arguments for why and how communication needs to be re-organized.

The key to understanding that the things are as they are for wrong reasons is, I belive, given by two words: "epistemology" and "tradition".

The 'pieces' style of creating and organizing information grew out of an epistemological assumtion that information mirrors reality, according to which those pieces will, like tiles, eventually cover the whole space. This assumption has been disproved and disowned first by leading physicists, then by cognitive scientists, sociologists, philosophers...

The traditional approach to communication tends to use the new technology to reproduce the style of communication that was developed for old technology (!!!). See Communication must be designed from Dino's book manuscript.

The space is now open for designing what communication should be like, by tailoring the ways in which new technology is used to suit the vital needs that communication needs to fulfill in this age!

A theory prototype is Dino's Polyscopic Modeling methodology.

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