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What we are calling 'knowledge federation' (tentative name of this initiative) is an approach to knowledge creation within a community (an academic discipline, a municipality, a business, the global community...). The times are calling for change. What is now needed is some, well.., knowledge federation in the domain of knowledge creation...

We use this Web site to bootstrap our approach.

How to use this Web site

The idea is to co-create a 'mountain' which rises over the 'information jungle' to provide insights and structure. We begin with an initial 'mountain building kit' consisting of a key point and four aspects. Everything is subject to change. The work continues by editing this website.

This simplistic communication model, using a Mediawiki and plain text, is of course preliminary. If its obvious inadequacy frustrates you, then you are already on the way to contribute to our initiative by thinking of a better solution.

Statement of purpose

Here we develp our mission statement, our key point.

Jack: ...the world is ready for some really aggressive work being accomplished to facilitate dialogs by large populations of people on this planet to seek resolution to some very complex and urgent problems. I am just headstrong enough to believe that we are each inventing such facilitation tools. It's a much taller problem space than can be mounted by any single effort.

Dino: We want to show that there is a need and a possibility to communicate in a different way than as we are accustomed to (our key point) and to develop what is needed (methodology, tools, applications and community action) for such communication.

What we are accustomed to is communication in terms of 'pieces of information'. Think, for example, of an academic discipline such as sociology: A researcher's job is to publish books and articles in his or her area of specialization. The resulting community knowledge is the simple aggregation of such pieces.

What we need is communication where a community of people co-creates an information structure. In our example, the sociologists would co-create a structure which would allow them to keep track of knowledge that is there and the questions that are still open, maintain a shared high-level view of their field, and communicate their essential views and findings to everyone else. No longer limited to printed articles, this way of communicating will employ a variety of techniques such as topic mapping, wikis and videocasting.

We use the following 'mountain' structure to develop the main aspects of our mission.







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