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Here we explore the limits of the human potential. Interesting and spicy subject.

The mechanistic worldview in science confined our idea of the human potential to what could be explained within that worldview. 'Anomalies' were ignored. There is, however, growing evidence that the range of the abilities a human being may develop are far beyond what than we believed possible. This evidence is pointing at a whole new direction of progress that is available for us, along which we explore and develop this potential.

In addition to this pragmatic reason, and the sheer interestingness of the subject, there is also an academic reason which motivates this exploration. Our habitual censorship of the evidence of greater human potential worked as long as there were solid academic reasons to deny it, and as long as information could be ignored. But now our changed reality picture eliminates the first reason. And the advent of the Internet is making first-hand evidence available on a large scale. Under such circumstances, an academic stance which simply ignores or denies this evidence will tend to discredit the academics. Indeed, we acdemics must now take the lead in thinking in a new way.

So let us explore what is out there. Our task is to make a bridge, which even those among us who are least credulous and least fascinated by fables and miracles can use to walk over to an expanded view of the human potential.

Our task is challenging because of our myths: The myth of mechanical universe which limits what we are ready to believe, and various popular myths which tend to exaggerate it. Fortunately, there are cases which are recent enough and sufficiently well documented to warrant attention.

To begin, I mention one example -- Morihei Ueshiba, the great martial artist, founder of Aikido. Evidence suggests that Ueshiba demonstrated physical abilities which clearly transcended what we believe possible.

I mention here also the following aphorism of Ueshiba, which is one of my favorite pieces of wisdom of all times: "If you are fighting, you have already lost!" This might seem like a strange statement from a man who taught the art of fighting! But Ueshiba is here not talking about physical fighting of course, but about the state of mind which we associate with strife and combat. He is saying that as soon as you have entered that state, you have lost your most important battle.

It seems, in other words, that following this other course of development, where we develop our physical, emotional and mental potential, has rather clear rules, which agree surprisingly well with more profound ethical and spiritual teachings in all traditions! This searching for regularities or 'rules' which govern the development of our potential will give our exploration a focal point.

The same search may also lead us to discover culture in a completely new way.

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