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The following note is found in the Newsletter on the European Movement website.

4.2. EM Croatia

Key Point Dialog facilities Plan D

European Movement Croatia has started the project launched by Dino Karabeg, PhD. - University of Oslo, under the title “Key Point Dialog.” The first round table was organized on 20th September and was attended by prominent members of Croatian civil society.

Key Point: Can Europe once again create a guiding vision and take the lead in a new direction of development? We believe this is both the global conditions are calling for, and what will bring energy and enthusiasm to European Movement.

But for this to happen, old forms of communication are a hindrance, because they tend to amplify and give power to the old ideas and thought forms, which already have power. A debate gives the ideas which can be expressed in the old language a winning place. A poll gives advantage to thoughts and directions which are already known and statistically dominant.

What is needed is a dialog – a free and safe space to express new ideas and possibilities, to place them into the public space where they can be taken over by others and amplified. This work cannot be done centrally. It cannot be done by the method proposed in Plan D and the White Book.

As the complementary medium to the round tables Internet is used.

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