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Since we cannot perceive the changes (in ourselves, in our environment) which happen very slowly, both extinction-threatening hazards and spectacular self-improvement possibilities may remain invisible to us if they are governed by slow rate of change phenomena.

This means that we have more than blind spots in our vision - we have whole blind ranges.

This also means that we should be ready to be surprised: The true picture of what is good for us and what is not may turn out to be entirely different than what we now believe, as soon as we also take into consideration the long-term factors.

If we are indeed 'growing downwards', as Norwegian poet Rolf Jacobsen said it, would we notice that?

Here is how I see a possible future scenario: When we properly understand this peculiarity of our vision, we become aware that we need 'correcting eye glasses', i.e. suitable information which can show us what we don't see and correct our perspective (idea of the whole, and in particular of proportions). Information design is developed as an informing which can respond to this need. The perspective of wellbeing is of central concern in information design.

Here is how I described this issue of perception in "A Polyscopic Study of a Basic Cultural Pattern", where convenience paradox has been introduced:

Perception and Change

Culture as Cultivation of Wellbeing

Cultivation of wellbeing is like watering the seed: Abilities we perhaps didn't even know of grow imperceptibly slowly. But they grow large.

Under this category we examine the subtle nature of wellbeing, and various ways in which wellbeing can be cultivated.

Yoga, Qigong, Alexander technique etc. acquire a new identity and new understanding - not as exotic, mystical things, but as traditional tool boxes with basic tools for cultivating ourselves.

We don't want to make the same mistake our conventional medicine did (providing remedies and ignoring the lifestyle, the underlying cause). We use our insights and tools primarily to develop a good way of living, the one that cultivates what is best in us.



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